Why You Should Say “Yes” to the Extended Warranty

It’s decided: you’re buying a used car! After doing your research and having found the car that suits your needs, you find yourself in the car dealer’s office, ready to sign the final papers. You can already picture yourself cruising down the road behind the wheel of your new travel partner… and the representative asks you: “Will you be taking the extended warranty?”

What exactly is a used vehicle extended warranty? What’s in it for you? Do you really need it? You’ll probably ask yourself all these questions… and you should.

Before you buy your next car, find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about the used vehicle extended warranty.

Extended Warranty Explained

When we buy a used vehicle, we are unaware of its history. When you choose an extended warranty, you get peace of mind.

While automobile insurance compensates you in the event of an accident, theft or vandalism, the extended warranty protects you in the event of mechanical breakdown.

Do you wonder what the extended warranty covers? It all depends on the plan you select! Track offers different protection plans, adapted to your budget and needs.

Whichever plan you choose, the extent of what is covered will be clearly stated in the contract you sign with your car dealer.

Advantages of Being Protected

By choosing the Track warranty, you are assured peace of mind. The protection follows you everywhere you go, without you having to worry about it.

Opting for the extended warranty is the best way to avoid unexpected expenses related to your car. With Track, you are protected, and so is your wallet!

In addition, the Track warranty comes with a network of well-established service centres. In the event of a claim, we will direct you to a recognized workshop that specializes in the type of repairs to be done on your vehicle.

This way, if anything goes wrong, you can focus on what’s important to you while we (and our qualified partners) take care of everything!

Track: A Trusted Service

At Track, we are committed to offering you a human and accessible service. If you need to call us, rest assured: you won’t be talking to a machine.

With us, you will never be left alone. We will be there to listen and to guide you through the steps to follow. You will be taken care of quickly, and we will put you in contact with the best services according to your needs.

Serving its clients since 1992, our Quebec company trains its representatives to answer your questions efficiently, in both French and English.

Worry-free Savings… and Even Profit

We wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but let’s be realistic: no car is immune to mechanical breakdown. This kind of trouble can greatly affect your budget. By opting for the extended warranty now, you can avoid unnecessary stress in the future.

Do you ever cross the border for work? Do you dream of discovering Western Canada on your next trip? With the Track Extended Warranty, your vehicle is protected throughout Canada and the United States. You can therefore drive in complete safety.

Finally, the extended warranty is not only a good way to protect yourself and travel confidently, but it can even increase the resale value of your vehicle!

In fact, all Track protection plans are transferable when you sell your car to an individual. This is a good negotiating argument to keep in mind!

You are now well informed of the extended warranty for a used vehicle. When you are ready to buy your next car, ask your dealer about Track!