5 Good Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle

Among drivers, there are two schools of thought: those who swear by new vehicles and those who have an unconditional love for their used car.

As you may have guessed, we’re in the second category… and we’re not alone!

There are many advantages to buying a second-hand vehicle. Whether we’re talking about price, choice or flexibility, there are many good reasons to go for the “used car” option.

Wondering about what type of vehicle you should buy next? Here are 5 reasons to choose a used car!

A Price Within your Budget

We can’t deny it: the price of a used car is definitely its most appealing asset.

From the almost-new car with only one owner to the small car that has accumulated several kilometres on the odometer, but still has many good years to go, you are offered a whole range of prices. All you have to do is to pick yours!

By choosing a used vehicle, you can stay within your budget without sacrificing the quality and comfort of your vehicle. All you have to do is make a list of your needs and choose the car that will meet them.

Not sure where to start? Check out our article on this topic!

A Loss in Value to Your Advantage

It’s a well-known fact: a new car will lose about 20% of its initial value as soon as it leaves the dealership. And it won’t get better: on average, a car loses 50% of its value in its first 3 years on the road and this figure drops to 75% after 6 years of use.

When buying a used car, these alarming statistics will be the least of your worries. On the contrary: they will work in your favour, since you’ll take advantage of a much lower price on your vehicle!

By the way, did you know that your Track Warranty is transferable to the next owner when you sell your vehicle? It’s true: your extended warranty increases the resale value of your car!

A Full Range of Options at your Reach

At first glance, the base price of a new vehicle may seem acceptable to you… but this price includes only “the basics.” As soon as you look into adding options, you’ll see the price rise alarmingly. Avoid unpleasant surprises: choose a used car instead.

When you buy a used car, you get more for less! Air conditioning, electric system, sunroof, heated seats… all these options that were paid for by the first owner are already included in your second-hand vehicle. Take advantage of them!

In fact, it’s good to remember that today’s cars perform better, longer. Some models can last for up to 300,000 km and even more! When you choose a used car, you choose a road partner that will accompany you for many years.

A Lower Price for Everything Around it

You don’t wish for it, but you should plan for it: sooner or later your car will need repairs. Auto parts for used vehicles are easier to find on the market, let alone their price, which is much more affordable!

If your car experiences a mechanical breakdown, our partner service centres will find the best part at the best price and handle your vehicle to get it back on the road.

In fact, even car insurance is cheaper for used cars. This means you’ll be covered all around for a very reasonable price.

Access to an Unparalleled Extended Warranty

Finally, by choosing to purchase a used car from one of our partner dealers, you will have access to the Track Extended Warranty.

Our protection plans are built according to your specific needs and will fit your budget. The dealer will guide you not only to choose your vehicle, but also your protection.

With your used car protected by the Track Warranty, you’re well equipped to hit the road with confidence!